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Your Next Halloween Read: "The Showers"

It's more than just an urban legend...

Jack's former English teacher, Mr. Mays, told a scary story every Halloween. It was about a place out in rural Nebraska—a building he called "The Showers"—and the supernatural horrors there that threatened to consume him. Now that school is long over, Jack wonders if there isn't more to the infamous tale.

Curiosity leads him on a hunt for the mysterious building, and what begins as a road trip quickly spirals out of control. Maybe The Showers is a real place. And maybe, it's more than just a story...

Back in 2012, a reddit user named clover10176 posted a chilling personal account to the NoSleep subreddit; it was titled "The Showers." The post was met with such positive response, it was awarded "scariest of the year" on NoSleep, and was adapted for audio on The NoSleep Podcast for their Halloween special—and spread from person to person as all the best scary stories are.

Six years later, the story has …

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