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Upon recent discovery of Wikipedia's book feature, I've spent a little too much time putting together something a little unusual in comparison. One of my areas of expertise is horror fiction, but even more specifically, children's horror fiction. I read a lot of the stuff as a kid, and even today I enjoy digging through out of print publications to find something interesting. I think it goes without saying, that many of these books can easily be enjoyed by an older audience. If you want to explore for nostalgia, or find a few interesting titles to check out, I'm sure it'll do the trick!

"The Abridged Encyclopedia of Children's Horror Fiction"

Why abridged? Well it's a bit difficult to have it otherwise. There are many titles I'm aware of that would fit perfectly into this tome, but there simply aren't any articles for them. At some point, I plan to expand the listing, but it takes plenty more time and research I'll have to spread out. Either way, you'll find fifty anthologies, novels, short stories, authors, and misc. works. All are hand picked, and many are personal favorites. And don't let the encyclopedic format scare you off!

One last note, this book is completely free, and under a CC license! See the end of the book for more details.

Thanks again, take care, and hope you enjoy!