[News] - "Sounds of the Night" Horror Soundtrack Album

"Sounds of the Night" features 13 tracks to play on dark, lonely nights. Many of these pieces were created as scoring for MrCreepyPasta's recordings, and various other audio productions. Cut the lights, and let the darkness bleed into your mind, as the storm rages on. Oh, and of course, it’s licensed under Creative Commons!

I had a great deal of fun working on this album, it's definitely a throwback to a lot of my favorite horror films. You'll get a bit of a John–Carpenter–esque feeling with some tracks, some are more contemporary, some are in a middle-ground. When putting this together, I definitely wanted to emulate those feelings. So in a way, there's a sense of nostalgia in this album. You'll find a good deal of variety, and hopefully something to set the mood for any unsettling occasion.

“Sounds of the Night” releases April 5th, but you can pre-order it here!