"T is for Talk" Horror Filmmaking at its Finest

First off, if you haven't seen "T is for Talk," give it a look now. It's only four-ish minutes. Seen it yet? Good. Now let's chat.

This short was one of the many entries for The ABC's of Death anthology film. It was beat out by Lee Hardcastle's T is For Toilet, which is also a fantastic short. Talk, on the other hand, is a nightmare of its own.

We're immediately thrown into the tension. Six people stand in a row, sweating in anticipation of something dreadful soon to come. We don't know who any of these people are, where they are, or why any of this is taking place. We're quick to realize, that they are in fact bound to their standing position, playing a demented game of Red Light Green Light. An intimidating LED sign displays "Talk," and our characters must speak to prolong their fate. Soon, in a moment of pure horror and realization, we come to understand that mistakes are not taken lightly – a mechanism reveals itself and smashes in the heads of those who talk or make noise out of line.

So, what is it exactly that makes this short so unsettling? Aside from the obvious shock and gore moments?