DB Magazine - Ep.001

Get ready for the first installment of our horror fiction podcast. Join us on this eerily quiet night, for tales of scoundrels, disease, and unholy childhood memories. Tonight's trio of stories begins our catalog of aural nightmares


The DimensionBucket Magazine
Ep.001 - Season 001.

Hosted by Nathan Dabney

Production, sound design, music, and editing
By Christopher Warren

Assistant direction by Nathan Dabney and Connor Goff.

"The Other One" written by Eric Dodd (redditor unxmaal)
Performed by Nathan Dabney

"Outbreak" by Benjamin Sweeney of TopShelfProse
Performed by Christopher Warren

"Town" by Soren Narnia, from the Knifepoint Horror Podcast
Performed by Murphy of WellHeyProductions

Additional Music:

"Crowd Hammer," "Mirage," "Shores of Avalon"
By Kevin MacLeod @ Incompetech.com
Licened under CC-BY License

Slide guitar pieces by Sky Davis

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