March Updates – Books Galore!

With the approach of warmer months, the tension builds. On the highest level of a creaky, abandoned warehouse, a handful of writer sit at their desks—clattering away at broken keyboards—searching for the words. Just the right words.

Our news is two-fold. First, we're pleased to announce our fiction podcast will be making a return very soon, along with a snazzy print magazine.

We're working with various authors to produce something entertaining for lovers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror—including plenty of fun articles, essays, and reviews of the latest in genre fiction. The official release date of our first issue should be within the next two months, and you can be sure we'll have new developments for you along the way.

Also coming out this year are new novels, novellas, and short stories from our in-house writers. Christopher Warren's upcoming books are waiting in the wings, and you can stay tuned for more launch details over on his site as well as over here. We'll also be announcing a new horror anthology titled Behind the Screen, which is themed around urban legends based around the internet—sure to make good campfire reading.

We'll be giving out advance review copies of our publications soon, so if any of these titles are of interest to you, join our mailing list below!

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