Renegades: Book #7

Personal Log: 2486 was the year the Galactic Coalition branded me a traitor. Sadly, I concurred with their assessment. I still commanded the Yorktown taskforce but we were renegades. Our goal was a simple one: Restore the GCP.

Written by Andrew Beery.
Read by Nathan "JimFear138" Dabney.
Available via

Up a Winding Stair and Other Stories

"An old woman's pumpkin patch holds an unspoken secret. All is fine in Singapore, until someone coughs. What awful thing has made its home at the rest stop? Christopher Warren's debut flash fiction collection packs eleven speculative nightmares, written to give you the bitter taste of fright in few words - perfect for those stormy nights before bed."

Written by Christopher Warren
Read by the author.
Soon to be available as a free download.

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