DimensionBucket Magazine – Issue #1

Featuring unique and imaginative voices in genre fiction, DimensionBucket Magazine puts you in direct connection with adventure, fear, wonder, and the captivating types of narratives that dare to explore nightmarish possibilities.

We're looking for dark speculative fiction between 1,500 and 10,000 words. We'll accept stories above and below these parameters, but it has to really knock us out of our chairs. Pieces that bend genres are accepted, though the stories we enjoy most have high stakes, grim sensibilities, and travel through the full range of human emotion. Better put: take us to another world. Make us laugh, scare us, entertain us, tug at our heart strings.

Flash fiction (up to 1,500 words per story) is limited to only a handful we'll publish per issue, but the story guidelines are the same.

Reprint stories are accepted sparingly—your best bet is submitting an original, unpublished piece.

Submissions are open until July 25th. See submission guidelines below, and please include "Magazine Submission" in the subject line of your email.

Razor's Edge – A Short Thriller Fiction Collection

Rainy nights. Crime and squalor. Paranoia. Murder.

Razor's Edge is an anthology of short stories—no more than 2,000 words each—in the dark thriller/crime/suspense/detective genre. We're looking for small packages with strong punch, whether it be crime noir, murder mystery, or good ol' fashioned tales of betrayal from within. We'd like to see gritty settings, twisted antagonists, tight and gripping plots, and palpable atmosphere.

Keep us biting our nails until the last line.

Both original and reprint stories will be accepted.

Submissions are open until September 10th. See submission guidelines below, and please include "Razor's Edge Submission" in the subject line of your email.

Submission Guidelines & Information

Please email all submissions to Be sure to include a 50-word bio, and a link of your choice (author site, social media, etc—so we can attribute you in the finished product) with your cover letter and submission material. See the example at the bottom of this page for how to format your manuscript.

Multiple submissions are allowed; feel free to include multiple stories in your email, just be sure to specify which projects you want your stories to be included in.

Simultaneous submissions are not allowed. Please do not submit your work to other outlets before we have either accepted or rejected your work.

Not all stories submitted will be published. The publisher makes the sole decision which pieces make the cut. We generally respond via email within one to two weeks with the submission status, and if your piece is accepted, you will be provided with our standard royalty contract.


For original submissions, you give DimensionBucket Media first North American print rights with exclusivity for a period of one year, which reverts to non-exclusive rights afterward. For reprints, you provide non-exclusive publishing rights in all formats.

For now, our publications are only royalty based. For our magazine and multi-author projects, 75% of net royalties are divided evenly among contributors.


For submission formatting, check out our details page below.

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